About Us

Investor Nation is a residential real estate investment firm, providing yield-producing opportunities secured on pristine single-family homes.

Quick facts about Investor Nation

  • Management Team with combined experience of 15+ years and 1,000+ transactions for themselves and clients.
  • Scalable platform offers the opportunity to invest in highest quality tenant-occupied properties at a discount to market value.
  • Proprietary model to analyze and evaluate secured residential real estate opportunities.
  • End-to-end approach to client advisory: property sourcing/financing & tenancy, operating and exit strategy development.
  • Laser-focus on pristine residential real estate in desirable areas.

Our Philosophy

Through owning hundreds of investment homes since 1999, we’ve learned a lot about real estate.

Over the years we’ve continued to move up-market in quality. The great recession corroborated what we learned; quality assets would hold. Quality assets we call Blue-chip real estate. These properties are less expensive to maintain, have lower Vacancy rates, attract better tenants, and will deliver sustainable returns year-in and year-out.

Reason to invest in Blue-chip real estate

  1. Dual Exit Strategy
    Investors will discount your property when you sell. Sell to owner occupants. Why buy in neighborhoods dominated by investors?
  2. Better Net Rental Yield
    Vacancy, Maintenance, & Tenant Turnover are often grossly understated in non-Blue-chip properties.
  3. Less Headaches, Less Hassle
    Lower maintenance, lower tenant failure rate, lower tenant turnover
  4. Lower Downside Risk
    Blue-chip properties are in stable or growing neighborhoods

Management Team

Stephen GreenStephen Green

President, Co-Founder
Stephen Green on Twitter   Stephen Green on Facebook   Stephen Green on LinkedIn

Stephen joined as President of Investor Nation in January 2009 to manage the company’s daily operations including property sourcing/acquisition, due diligence and bank financing. He is also a key manager of contractor, property management, and fund raising relationships.

Stephen earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Auburn University in May 2005. After graduation he held sales and project management roles in the housing and financial sector. From May to December 2005 he was an Account Manager for Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors and then was an Account Representative for Fidelity Investments until July 2006.

Prior to becoming part of the Investor Nation team, Stephen managed his own contracting company to assist out-of-state investors with the renovation and financing of single-family homes. He has partnered with Co-Founder Ryan Hinricher on over 500 real estate transactions since 2007. Stephen is a Memphis native and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout in 2000. Other notable Eagle Scouts in American history include Neil Armstrong, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, and U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee.

Ryan HinricherRyan Hinricher

Portfolio Manager, Founder
Ryan Hinricher on Twitter   Ryan Hinricher on Facebook   Ryan Hinricher on LinkedIn   Housing Analyst blog

Ryan Hinricher is a professional real estate investor, housing market analyst, and change advocate. He is the founder of Investor Nation, a value-added real estate opportunity firm. Hinricher spent 10 years in the banking business as an analyst, underwriter, and branch manager. He’s owned investment property in Memphis since 2000.

Hinricher is a founder and member of the Executive Committee of RealYields, an industry-leading property analysis and feasibility application.

Hinricher is a member of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association and the Urban Land Institute. He has been active in the community with Habitat-for-Humanity.

Hinricher is a former housing market columnist for Bigger Pockets and has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, The Scotsman Guide, Classified Intelligence, Minyanville, WallStreet 24/7, Realtor Magazine, Realty 411, Personal Real Estate Investor, HSH.com, US Chamber of Commerce, and the book, The Complete Guide to Locating and Profiting from Emerging Real Estate Markets.

Extended Team

Our in-house team handles what they do best; sourcing properties, due diligence analysis and managing inventory. We consider outside relationships a key part of our support system and extended team.

We utilize an extensive network of individuals and firms to maximize the management process, before the transaction and after.

  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Home Inspectors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Contractors and Home Improvement Vendors
  • Financing Companies – banks and non-traditional lenders
  • Closing and Title Agents
  • Legal Advisors
  • Property Management Companies

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