ClosingClosing your real estate transaction is handled through real estate attorneys in Investor Nation markets. We maintain attorneys with strong track records closing investment properties. Not only does the attorney assist with closing the real estate transaction, they ensure your property will have clear title when you take possession. The closing attorney will perform title and lien searches, hold earnest money in escrow, and assist with your purchase of title insurance. In addition, the closing attorney will facilitate any loan documents if you choose to use financing for your purchase. They will be a key point of contact for you throughout the closing process.

Having a closing attorney that can work with you no matter where you live is not only convenient but essential. The closing attorney will also help explain settlement statement line items such as tax pro-rations, closing fees, and lender fees. Lastly the closing attorney will make sure important items such as your home warranty are in place at time of close and will maintain a copy of of all documents.

Using a closing attorney will ensure that your transaction is transparent and compliant. This reinforces Investor Nation’s commitment to doing business at arms length through every step of the transaction.

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