Due Diligence

Due DiligenceWhile many say real estate is an art, at Investor Nation, we pay attention to the science too. There’s a reason that Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and hedge funds employ quants and analysts that number crunch and perform due-diligence; it works. Because vacancy, maintenance, and tenant turnover are often grossly understated by property sellers, we’ve built a proprietary model to project these based on location, age, construction type, neighborhood crime, schools, and more. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than guessing? Yes.

We then apply the old-school due-diligence you’d expect to do: home inspections, termite inspection, flood zone determination, HVAC inspection, roof inspection, and valuation. All work performed is done so by licensed general contractors. Work performed is then re-inspected by a licensed home inspector. Our homes are then delivered to investors in pristine condition along with a 1 year home warranty.

The above factors are meant so maintenance is kept to a minimal, boosting net yield, and so the investor knows everything about their new asset.

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