Financing Real EstateObtaining a loan to buy investment property can offer investors a way to leverage their capital and produce higher returns on their investment capital. Investor Nation’s extended team includes knowledgeable investment property lending professionals.

Traditional Financing

Financing an investment property with a 20%+ down payment is still the most popular loan structure. Conventional financing is relatively easy to obtain and offers investors the right combination of leverage and invested capital. Returns are often optimized using this strategy. Investor Nation will introduce you to experts in helping you obtain traditional financing for your next investment property purchase. Our lenders will help you finance up to 10 investment properties using conventional methods.

Foreign National Financing

With U.S. real estate inexpensive when compared to many developed and emerging countries, investing in real estate here is very attractive for foreign nationals. Qualifying for investment property financing requires buyers to seek alternative financing methods. Investor Nation offers financing for foreign nationals through multiple members of our extended team. Down payments typically range from 40-50% down. Interest rates and loan terms depend on each borrower and property type and location.

Short term

On occasion, some investors prefer to acquire real estate in as-is condition, prior to renovation. Usually they are local investors in the market who are looking only for the property and not the remaining services of renovation and tenancy provided by the Investor Nation team. These loans usually require a short term bridge loan, often referred to as a hard money loan. We do have lenders available to lend on a short term temporary basis.

IRA Loans

Self-directed IRAs provide flexibility to investors looking to direct their own investments. Did you know that as an investor, you can leverage your IRA? IRA lenders are part of Investor Nation’s team. These lenders usually require 40-50% down. This type of financing is available for IRA investors.