Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide the customer?

Investor Nation provides a total turnkey experience in the Memphis market. This includes: portfolio consultation, exit strategy development, due-diligence, acquisition, financing, inspection, closing, insurance, and property management.

How do you evaluate properties?

Investor Nation puts every property through a rigorous due-diligence and inspection process. This process includes 2 home inspections, termite inspections, roof inspection, flood zone determination, and HVAC inspection.

What types of neighborhoods do you invest in?

Investor Nation targets neighborhoods:

  • Close proximity to major employers
  • Close proximity to big-box retailers
  • With population growth projections
  • Average or below average crime
  • Near median home price
  • Primarily owner-occupied

What is the typical price of an Investor Nation home?

Our homes fall into a range which usually varies between $75,000-125,000.

Why don’t you offer cheaper properties?

Our homes are located in high-quality neighborhoods, that are largely owner-occupied, and in demand by both tenants and homeowners. These homes are usually newer and attract tenants with stable incomes, leaving you with less maintenance, fewer headaches, and higher net returns. We call this Blue-chip real estate investment.

Do you have financing available?

Investor Nation works with local and national financing partners which include banks and mortgage lenders. In some cases we offer an owner-financing model. Typically bank financing will provide you the best rate and term.

Is there a discount for cash?

Discounts are available for cash transactions and multiple property purchases.

What if I’m a real estate broker, can I earn a commission?

Yes; Investor Nation cooperates with real estate professionals.

How much is property management?

Our property management recommendation charges 10% of the rent and 1 month’s rent for a leasing fee. Our homes are typically leased at time of purchase so the leasing fee doesn’t apply for the first year.

What is the purchase and closing process?

Once an investor identifies a property, Investor Nation provides a state realty board approved contract. If the property is with financing, appropriate contingencies will be added and the closing will take place 30 days or sooner from date of execution. If it is cash, we typically close in 7-10 days. Any rents we’ve receive will be prorated on the settlement statement.

Do I have the right to inspect?

Yes, we allow a 7 day cold feet policy on contracts. During that period we’ll help you facilitate any necessary inspections using the inspector of your choice. We also provide you a copy of the inspections we’ve completed on the home for your review as well.

What if something goes wrong after I purchase?

In addition to working with the property management team, customers can always call Investor Nation. We can help you troubleshoot any issue you might have with the property. Much of our business is referral and repeat so it is in our interest to make sure you have a good experience, before, during, and after the purchase of a property.

How are tenants screened?

All tenants must submit to a credit check and criminal background check. Also tenants must make sufficient income to cover their rent and have ample disposable income for their household.

How is maintenance handled?

Property maintenance calls are fielded by the property manager. The property manager will contact you prior to making any major repairs on the property. Further, they do not charge a premium for maintenance. Maintenance is billed to the owner at its cost.