Institutional Own-to-Rent Model: Is it over?

When Wall Street renamed “landlording” “own-to-rent” and declared it a new asset class near the bottom of the market, institutional investors rushed in to take advantage of the low prices and abundance of supply. Roughly 4 years later, prices have come up and there are fewer distressed homes on the market. Institutional investors now have the real work ahead of them and that is managing all the assets they’ve acquired.

Bloomberg news has a great interview with Daren Blomquist of RealtyTrac that summarizes where institutions are in the own-to-rent cycle.

More importantly where does that leave the individual investor? I think the individual investor still has a great opportunity to acquire houses in many markets and especially in markets that institutional groups are leaving. Why? In some markets (and I think Orlando is a great example), institutional investors can’t buy at the scale they need to make the market viable. Whereas an individual can come into a market and unnoticeably cherry-pick a few properties with great numbers still.

I think the own-to-rent model is far from over in general as many of the institutional groups head further in land to get higher yields leaving the door open for the individual to acquire.

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