InsuranceGetting your property insured is an important step in protecting your real estate assets. Investor Nation works closely with local insurance agents in who specialize in their market. These insurance agents are part of our extended team. The insurance agents we work with our familiar with our property types, the extensive due-diligence we complete, as well as the quality of any work performed on the home.

Our insurance team will help you determine appropriate property coverage, suggest discounts, and inform you of any riders depending on the geographic locality (hurricane for example in Florida, or earthquake in Tennessee). Insurance premiums are usually handled through escrow and paid on the HUD at closing, or if it is a cash transaction, then the insurance team can be paid directly.

Also our insurance agents allow for flexible payment options, automatic payment draft, and payment via credit card. Investor Nation assists in coordinating the insurance coverage on your property and will make formal introductions to our insurance team.

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