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Orlando Home Prices Jump 29% in Last 12 Months

Orlando’s median home price rose 28.8% in August (year-over-year) with normal sales driving the market (accounting for 2/3 of all transactions), indicating a healthier market.  The median home price stands at $155,000 or roughly the same as it was in 2003.   Prices have risen 22% since January of this … Continue reading

Orlando Population Migration

…… is back!  Population migration has a huge effect on home prices (assuming overall population is rising).   And while no where near mid 2000′s levels, Orlando is one of the top destinations to move to in the U.S. (now). Chart:

CoreLogic Equity Report

It looks like CoreLogic has changed the name of Negative Equity Report to Equity Report.  Either way the latest report is out and CoreLogic is reporting that 2.5 million homeowners have returned to positive equity in Q2.  However 7.1 million homes are still in negative equity.  Also CoreLogic reported that … Continue reading

Top 20 Equity Rich Markets

Thanks to RealtyTrac for this chart representing the top 20 markets with the most equity in homes. Here’s a link … Continue reading

80% of Contracting Firms Worried about Shortage of Workers in Florida:

The Associated General Contractors of America released its most recent survey of contracting firms.  The survey focused on the concerns of worker shortages which have been a hot button in the construction industry both nationally and here in Florida. Nationally, 74% of firms were concerned about a shortage of workers. … Continue reading

Top Markets for Home Flipping:

RealtyTrac recently listed the best real estate markets for flipping homes.  While “flipping”properties is generally considered a way for many real estate investors to make a quick return on capital, in the Orlando market, we’re seeing more institutional investors coming into the space and looking for a 3-5 year hold … Continue reading