Market Analysis

Aerial Market AnalysisPrior to opening a new market, Investor Nation performs deep market analysis. This includes, front end analysis of housing inventory, absorption rate, price changes, employment analysis and more. This is done at first from an aerial view of the specific metropolitan area. We then drill down and find undervalued areas of a market where we believe there is some upside in addition to just the yields.

When we’ve deemed it’s time to invest in that market, we do something others don’t. We literally go live in the market. Our most recent market in addition to Memphis and New York City is Florida. After living in Manhattan, our Senior Housing Analyst, Ryan Hinricher, moved to the Orlando, Florida area and established our brand there. He and his family reside in the Orlando area today. Our President, Stephen Green lives with his family in our flagship city, Memphis, TN.

By living and breathing the air in the market, Investor Nation provides a unique perspective. We own properties in the markets we serve and did so prior to opening the market. This allows build a proof of concept and create the local relationships like insurance, property management, closing agents, that are a critical component to your extended real estate team; doing this makes us unique.