Property Sourcing

Property SourcingConsistently sourcing high-quality investment class properties is the lifeblood of Investor Nation. We learned one thing very quickly in this business, high quality properties, something we call Blue-Chip Properties, always sell. Not only do they always sell, they always rent, and they cause you fewer headaches and usually provide a higher return over a horizon. And when you need to exit the property in the future, it will sell.

To find Blue-chip investment properties isn’t easy. Many companies in our space spend the bulk of their energy managing low-end C and D property. Think of these as the junk bonds of the industry. Low-end properties are easy to come by but management intensive. We found through our experience and through mining property performance data that yields on high quality homes are not management driven; they are product and location driven. To find properties that meet our Blue-chip standards takes a herculean effort. This is where our time is spent, consistently sourcing pristine investment opportunities.

These properties find us or we find them through a variety of sources including: bulk property transactions, REO tapes, short sales, courthouse auctions, and local banks. Investor Nation has built long term relationships with many of these sources. Because of this, these sources have a reliable place to quickly dispose of their assets. We built a scalable platform to do just that. We can quickly analyze the universe of public and private listings and identify the highest quality opportunities.